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Sex Apps Instead of Escorts: Free Sex via App in the UK


You’d like to hire an escort service but are having second thoughts about the costs? Do you really want to pay for sex?

Think about it for a second...

In the age of countless sex apps, plenty of UK women and men are constantly looking for private and free sex partners. So why pay to have sex with an escort?

On this page, we introduce you to some insanely good sex apps that make it easy to find free sex in the UK. We also clarify how exactly such apps differ from escort services.

Free Private Sex Instead of an Escort? These Are the Best Apps for That in the UK


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1.Sex Apps: The Biggest Competitor of Escort Services in the UK

Escort services can certainly be useful and have their place in the world. But we have to ask: If a man wants to switch things up in bed from time to time, does that mean he has to spend a lot of money on a call girl?

In our digital world, where almost everything can be organized with the help of a smartphone, there are plenty of opportunities to meet private fuck buddies via app and arrange a date.

The best part is…

Sex with private women from a hookup app is 100% free.

And let’s be honest...

Isn’t it much nicer to have sex with a woman who’s sleeping with you for her own pleasure and entertainment and not because it’s her job?

This is why many UK escort services now have to compete with the big casual dating apps on the market.

Sex apps make it possible to have authentic free sex and perhaps even find a regular sex partner.

There’s always potential for frequent hookups or an affair when you use a casual dating app. With escort services, this possibility is excluded unless you’re willing to pay for each new meeting.

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A site for like-minded users with similar preferences to meet for short-term fun.

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2.Hookup Apps vs. Escort - These Are the Differences

Whether you use a hookup app or an escort service, the end result is similar: sex.

But what exactly are the differences? We’re here to clarify.

There are already clear differences between hookup apps and escort services when it comes to how meetings are arranged.

Take the following situation:

Imagine you’re sitting on the couch, it’s the weekend and you have no plans. You have an overwhelming desire to feel naked skin and have hot sex with an attractive woman.

How do you make that happen?

You have two basic options:

First option:

You download a sex app, set up your profile and immediately start flirting with DTF women. Generally, these are private women who want to try something new or women who aren’t looking for a serious relationship at the moment.

How soon can you have sex?

If the chemistry between you is right in the sex chat and you’re both looking for the same thing, you can have your first hookup within 2-3 days.

And what about the payment?

The sex is 100% free. You merely have to pay a fee for using the dating site. In exchange, you can theoretically arrange an infinite number of free hookups.

Second option:

You call an escort agency and hire an escort girl of your choice. Some UK escort services also allow you to make a request online.

If the escort girl is free on your desired date, you can arrange a meeting right away. Of course, you’ll have to pay for this on the spot. The cost is usually 5-10 times the monthly fee to use a sex app.

If everything runs smoothly during the escort booking, you can often arrange a meeting with the escort girl the very next day.

With an escort date, the spontaneity of searching for someone and messaging them is completely eliminated. The benefit is that you know exactly what you’ll get and when, but that’s not very exciting.

What’s important to you?

You have to ask yourself what you value more.

Would you like to get to the finish line faster and pay a woman for sexual services? With an escort, it’s always clear that meeting you is strictly part of business for the woman.


You take a chance on an uncertain outcome. When, where and with whom is completely unknown and unpredictable. In return, you get authentic, honest sex with a woman who wants to satisfy her needs just like you do. For free.


3.Fast Sex for Money: Here’s How Escort Services Work in the UK

If you have the money and don’t mind paying half a month’s rent for two lust-filled hours with a gorgeous woman, then an escort date is definitely the quickest way to reach your goal.

How fast does an escort service really work?

As a rule, you go to the website of the escort agency of your choice and pick a girl who stands out to you.

You then submit an online booking request with your desired date as well as an alternative date should your top choice not be available.

If you want a meeting the same day, it’s recommended to call the escort agency of your choice directly.

Generally, you’ll only communicate with the agency prior to your meeting. You won’t be able to talk to the booked call girl until you actually meet her in person.

A minimum booking with an escort in the United Kingdom is around two hours, and payment usually has to be made in advance.

How soon is a second meeting possible?

With reputable escort services, nearly anything is possible. It’s all just a matter of money.

If you really enjoyed the date with your call girl, you can of course arrange a second meeting soon. But don’t expect to get the phone number of the escort.

Laura: “It’s easiest for me if the bookings are made through my agency. That’s why I don’t give out my private phone number even though customers often ask me for it. I only make an exception with select regulars because I know they’re trustworthy and professional.”

For a second date, the escort girl will in all likelihood refer you to the agency that handles the bookings.

Like we said, calling an escort guarantees you an unforgettable night of incredibly hot sex. As long as the money flows, you can expect to have a great time.

Without money, however, the escort will want nothing to do with you!

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4.Casual Sex: How to Score a Hookup Fast

The biggest drawback of using a sex app is the fact that dates aren’t as easy to plan as with an escort service.

But there’s a lot you can do to speed things up...

In the end, it’s up to you how fast things move along with an app. If you follow a few proven tips & tricks, you can score a real-life hookup relatively quickly with a sex app.

The most important thing is…

Opt for hookup apps that really and are among the market leaders in Enland, Scotland, Northern Ireland when it comes to facilitating fuck buddies. We did the testing for you and made a list of apps that offer the highest chances of success.

Signing up for a hookup app is always free. After you register, you first have to fill out your profile.

Your profile is comparable to the comp card of an escort. Put yourself in her position. If you were a male escort model, how would you present yourself?


You obviously have to apply this idea to your own private situation. Your profile isn’t about making money but about arousing women’s interest by making you seem attractive and intriguing.

Do’s for profile pictures:

  • You’re alone in the picture to avoid confusion
  • Friendly, well-groomed appearance
  • Good quality so it’s clear what you look like
  • Show yourself in an environment where you feel comfortable

Don’ts for profile pictures:

  • No mirror selfies
  • No shirtless pictures
  • No dick pics

While your profile picture is solely about your external appearance, the “About Me” section of your profile gives you a chance to show who you are as a person.

When it comes down to it, women care much more about your personality than your picture. Women want a lover who’s interesting – not someone who will make them fall asleep before you ever get to the sex. It’s important to make the text in your “About Me” section stand out.

For women, a boring profile translates to boring sex.

Take this fact-oriented bio, for example:

“I’m nice, like playing soccer and am looking for a woman to have fun with.”  

Boring, right? So what should you write instead?

It’s better not to take yourself too seriously and to write something that makes the woman who’s reading your profile smile.

“I’m here because of my mom. She wants me out of the house so she can list my room on Airbnb. I have to move in with you and marry you right away ;)”  


“A charmer with a small penis but a big heart who’s looking for the love of his life ;)”  

You see the difference?

The latter two examples play with irony, put a smile on the woman’s face and make her want to find out who’s really behind the profile.

Another important tip...

You have to actively approach female users! Unlike a date with an escort, where the woman is providing a service that costs money, you have much more competition when it comes to private hookups. After all, the sex is free.

This means women can sit back in the sex apps and wait for men to message them. It’s up to men to take the initiative.

Once you’re chatting with a woman, you can assume you’re close to the finish line. If you two find a few things in common, you should suggest a meeting soon. You’ll probably get lucky by the end of the date.

Exciting, right?

An escort service can’t offer this level of excitement in an authentic way.


5.How to Flirt Your Way Into Bed With Any Woman

As you can see, it’s not really necessary to spend a lot of money on an escort these days as long as you’re willing to invest some time in arranging a hookup and you know how to talk to women.

The key to success is...

Patience – after all, practice makes perfect. There are also a few basic rules men should follow when interacting with women that always work.

The most important quality a man should embody on a date with a woman is healthy self-esteem.

Even if you’re nervous on your first date, don’t let it show. A woman is probably going to be much more nervous than a man when it comes to meeting for casual sex.

Of course, part of appearing confident is taking the lead on your date.

Why should the man lead the way?

Women love when a man knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to show it.

By the way, nothing is more boring for a woman than sitting across from a man who says “yes” to everything and doesn’t have an opinion of his own.

What else should you do to seduce her?

Don’t immediately share your entire life story. Try to be mysterious and charming. Pay her small compliments but don’t overdo it.

It’s important to find the right balance here. If the woman feels like she’s got you in the bag, it takes away the thrill. Keep her guessing and she’ll want you even more!


Good UK escort services help you achieve your goal fast. But it’s definitely worth giving the best sex apps a try for a tenth of the cost of an escort date.

Men who’ve had success with hookup apps never go back to using escort services again. After all, it’s relatively easy and the sex is free.

Want Free Private Sex Instead of an Escort? These Are the Best Apps for That in the UK.


A site for like-minded users with similar preferences to meet for short-term fun.

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This site is all about having fun! The extremely versatile possibilities for making contact and the relentless notification system ensure non-stop entertainment.

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