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Free Sex for Everyone? How to Get Laid by a Different Woman Every Week in the UK

Free Sex2024

Why pay for sex when there are so many opportunities to get free sex privately?

Most women have as much desire for hot sex as men do. Sexually active women looking for sex partners privately can either be found in clubs and bars or discreetly online. 

On this site, you’ll learn which apps and websites UK women use to privately search for free sex online. In addition, we’ll give you tips teaching you the fastest way to seduce a woman.

Here’s where it pays off to look for private women for free sex in the UK


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1.Free Sex in the UK: How to Approach Women online

Women tick differently than men. Despite all the discussions about equality, it’s simply a fact that there are fundamental differences between the sexes in terms of love and sexual desire. 

Many men who search for free sex online but don’t find any are immediately convinced that the contacts registered on the apps and websites are all just fakes who want to rip men off.

The truth is:

Most women in England, Scotland or Northern Ireland are less direct and take more of a wait-and-see approach when it comes to private sex.

When women are interested in sex, they rarely say this directly. Even extroverted women usually don’t approach a guy to bluntly ask him for sex. This is true online as well as offline – at least if you’re not George Clooney or Brad Pitt.

How can you tell if a woman wants sex?

In everyday life or at the club, it’s not always easy. Of course, if she responds positively to your advances, that’s a good sign. 

But... you can be 100% sure that she’s in the mood for free private sex if you find her on a sex dating app. That’s why sex apps are so awesome for free sex! 

So what about the fakes on hookup sites? 

There will always be a lot of fakes online. However, very few of them make it to the most reputable casual dating apps, which apply strict security criteria to their users.

Still, nobody is completely protected from fakes, so here are a few simple tips on how to expose fake users:

Take a closer look at profiles of suspicious women: If a profile text consists mainly of statements like “I don’t know what to write here” or “Why not just get to know me?”, you can bet that it’s probably the profile of a fake.

Real UK women usually know exactly how to highlight their strong suits with the right words and pictures.

But the fact remains: Even online, very few women clearly state on their profile that they’re looking for free sex. 

Men are less restrained. But will a statement like “Looking for a horny blonde to fuck” really lead to the desired free sex? We seriously doubt it.

Conclusion: Men usually have no problem with a direct advance. Women tend to appreciate a more gradual approach – whether it’s about finding true love or just free sex.

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A site for like-minded users with similar preferences to meet for short-term fun.

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2.What UK Women Want to Read on Men’s Profiles

Your profile is your most important business card! If your sex dating profile is boring or even repulsive, no one will give you a second look. The competition is too big for that.

With the right words and a good selection of pictures, you can easily make your way onto the shortlist of a woman looking for free sex.

The good news is...

Appearance is generally less important to women than words.

Although women don’t place much importance on pictures, various studies show that profiles without a picture hardly get noticed. Even excuses such as “I have a job that requires discretion” will rarely help you compensate for a non-existent profile picture. 

You still don’t want to show your face publicly?

You don’t have to! Put a black bar in front of your eyes or simply wear sunglasses. A cut-off head is just as unsexy as a picture of your crotch.

But what’s more important to women than a picture is the way you communicate.

Avoid this…

Profile descriptions like “I’m nice, straightforward and good in bed” are boring and trite. Besides, similar statements are used by countless men. Why sound like everyone else?!

Better: Point out things that are unique to you as an individual.

“In my private life, I’m an avid tango dancer. Thanks to my large circle of friends, I never get bored. I also love going on walks with my dog, ideally together with an interesting companion.”

Why is this text so much better for free sex? 

Critics would say that this has nothing to do with free sex. And at first glance, these qualities really do seem irrelevant to the purpose of scoring a sex date. However, women love reading between the lines.

A tango dancer is considered passionate, the large circle of friends lets her know that you have good social skills and won’t just want to hang around her constantly. Going on walks with your dog also shows her that you’re open to other activities with her than just sex.

But that’s not all… 

This short text also contains trigger words that cause particularly positive emotions in women when used on online dating profiles.

A study of dating sites shows that men with certain statements in their profiles were virtually inundated with replies. These include the following words: circle of friends, together, culture, kisses, reliable, art, good with hands and red wine.

Why do these words work well?

Women are looking for men who are sociable, open and have a variety of interests. Art and culture are usually associated with higher status. And “good with hands” indicates a man who can tackle anything.

Empty profiles are evidence of a lack of creativity and men without any inspiration. If a profile is already boring, why should a woman assume that the guy will be amazing in bed?

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3.Choosing the Right Women to Message for Free Sex in the UK

Now you already know how to market yourself. In this section, you’ll learn how to choose the right candidate from the large number of women to be successful as quickly as possible and start having free sex.

Many men complain that they don’t receive answers from women.

What causes this problem? 

Many men immediately target the hottest women in the sex chat. And there’s nothing wrong with that. However, the problem is that these women are overwhelmed by the large number of messages they receive. 

So where are your chances best for a one-night stand?

Think about it for a second. There are many women who fall into the hidden gem category. How so? Because they may not stand out with their big bust in a bikini photo at first glance. 

But take a closer look!

There are many great and attractive women in the UK who, at second glance, may even be more attractive and authentic than the women all the other men are messaging. 

The best part is:

In many cases, sex with the women from the second tier is much better because they don’t necessarily expect the man to do everything.

How else can you increase your chances?

It’s easy! Read the woman’s profile and consider if what you want and what you wrote on your profile actually lines up.


You wrote on your profile that you’re looking for free sex with dominant, black-haired ladies with a leather fetish. Why should a blonde cuddly type respond to you contacting her? 

If the information in your profile turns out to be bogus, you’ll quickly be labeled as an overly horny opportunist. 

So unless you have steadfast principles (“I’m ONLY into blondes!”), then stick to a different wording in your profile text:

“I’m especially into blondes but find other hair colors sexy as well.”

The same applies the other way around:

If a woman writes on her profile that she’s only interested in dominant men with a large member, you’ll hardly be able to win her over if you classify yourself as a “softie.”

But what should you do if you get outright rejected?

Don’t give up! A rejection only means that someone else was a better match or faster than you. This happens to even the biggest online-dating Casanovas.

In the next tip, you’ll find out how to get in touch with suitable women.

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4.How to Get the Foot in the Door for Free Sex in the UK

Contacting women is of course the ultimate challenge when it comes to scoring real free sex online.

The golden rule is:

Never appear overeager! 

“Hello, I think your profile is great. I would like to make you feel good tonight. Do you want to meet up?”

Such messages are perceived by many women as intrusive, which is why they never actually reach the intended goal. The same counterproductive effect applies if you give your phone number out directly in the message.

So how do you do it right? 

As already explained above, women are much subtler when it comes to arranging free sex dates in the United Kingdom and would first like to get to know the man they potentially want to sleep with better.

You have to make her curious for more and arouse her desire. It’s that simple. Tell her something about yourself and be a bit cheeky. This will challenge her to reply. 


“Hi, I’m Julius, I read your profile and couldn’t help but message you. Do I have to impress you with a funny pick-up line or can we skip that? ;)”

You can also apply what you learned earlier and use some of the trigger words that women respond to, provided they apply to you, of course. 

Share something about your circle of friends or how your friends describe you or what you like to do in your free time. This will give your flirting partner a better idea of who you are.

Marina: “When I meet with a guy for sex, I want to find out what kind of person he is. What defines him? Which social circles does he move in? Is he more emotional or matter-of-fact? In the sex chat, you find out pretty quickly who you’re dealing with. In the end, it’s important to me that my sex partner is authentic.”  

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5.First Date: How to Flirt Your Way Into Bed With Her

Of course, your first meeting should take place in public rather than at your house or apartment. A café, park or bar are all suitable places.

Once you’ve arranged a date, you’re very close to getting free private sex.

The only real purpose of the date is to find out whether both partners find each other as appealing in real life as in the online chat. 

So what’s the big challenge?

The big challenge is making the first bold move that indicates you’re interested in free sex with her.

What does this first step look like?

First of all, it’s essential for the man to take the lead. If the moment is right, you can simply kiss her. 

This in itself requires some courage, of course. Is she ready to take this step, and will she reciprocate your kiss?

How can you find out if she’s ready?

That’s easy. In the course of the evening, you two have to get closer somehow. Try casually touching her arm at first. Then perhaps try touching her knee next.

You’ll find out pretty quickly how she responds. If she happens to accidentally brush against you as well, you can assume that she also wants to be close and at best wants to have hot free sex with you that evening.

Sabrina: “The man should fully take the lead. I don’t want to sleep with a wimp who’s scared to make a move. I would never kiss a man first because I’ve had the experience in the past that this can actually scare men off. So, boys: Take the first step if you want to seduce us.”

The best apps for free sex in the UK


A site for like-minded users with similar preferences to meet for short-term fun.

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This site is all about having fun! The extremely versatile possibilities for making contact and the relentless notification system ensure non-stop entertainment.

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