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How to Quickly Arrange a One-Night Stand Using an App in the UK

One Night Stand2024

You’re looking for hot sex without love and all the romance? Then a one-night stand is exactly what you need!

If you want to have an uncomplicated one-night stand, the best way to meet people is through an app or online.

On this site, you’ll find out which sex apps work particularly well to arrange ONS. You’ll also learn key points to follow so your one-night stands are sure to be a success!

Good to Know: One-Night Stand Apps That Really Work in the United Kingdom


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1.The Shortcut to a Fast One-Night Stand: Sex Dating Apps in the UK

Welcome to the 21st Century: These days, most one-night stands in the UK are conveniently arranged from the comfort of your own home with the help of dating apps and websites.

Women and men who aren’t looking for true love but for erotic adventures with no strings attached create profiles in sex apps where they can search for sex partners anonymously.

But is it really that easy?

Many sex dating app users become frustrated and suspect fakes behind the profiles. Disappointed, they give up their online sex adventure if their messages remain unanswered after a few days.

The truth is…

Anyone who isn’t able to arrange a one-night stand in the United Kingdom using an app these days is simply using it wrong.

The problem usually doesn’t lie with the sex dating app – provided you’ve opted for the good apps, of course – but with the user. 

So what’s important in order to have success with sex apps?

a) Authentic and up-to-date profile picture 

The profile picture is the basis of every dating profile – whether you’re trying to find one-night stands or a partner for a long-term relationship.

With some sex apps, you can only upload a single picture. Some apps allow multiple photos. In our experience, 3-5 pictures are ideal for giving a good impression.

To avoid any confusion, you should be the only person in the picture. In addition, you should be easy to recognize and your eyes should be visible. Eyes are considered the window into the soul, and this is important to most women.

You don’t need professional pictures to be successful. A few recent (!) smartphone snapshots are enough. It’s all about authenticity. You don’t need a photo shoot for that.

Mirror selfies and shirtless photos are a no-go – these come across as douchey. Pictures in which you’re posing with other women also aren’t received well. Even if a woman is looking for a one-night stand, she doesn’t want to feel like one of many.

One Night Stand

b) Convincing profile

Having a decent picture is important, but since women are less visually stimulated than men, you should place at least as much importance on a well-written profile as on your profile picture.

The text should describe you in a nutshell and tell the other users what you’re looking for in a funny and charming way. Avoid long phrases and pseudo-romantic quotes. Be cheeky and funny. This will be far more successful with women.

Here’s an example:

“Looking for a tenant for the right side of my bed. 140 x 200 cm. Amenities: Own pillow / own blanket (shared blanket negotiable). Viewing by appointment.”

It’s important that you don’t take yourself too seriously and take a relaxed approach. You’ll need a laid-back attitude in order for things to progress to a one-night stand.

On the other hand, here’s what you should avoid...

Don’t be negative and don’t come off as desperate. If you’ve been single for a long time or don’t have much experience yet, don’t let it show. Women love confident men who know what they’re doing.

All women want the same thing as you from a one-night stand, which is good

sex! Insecurity and desperation have no place here.

c) The first message that leads to a ONS

Once you’ve built a good profile, you’re perfectly equipped to arrange your first one-night stand.

Who you land in bed with now is up to you.

Look for women you find attractive and who match your search profile and send them a message.

Here, too, the rule is to avoid coming off as desperate, weak or boring. A touch of humor coupled with cheeky flirting is always well received by women.

You’re allowed to challenge your date a little and shouldn’t put her on a high pedestal. Be her equal and meet her at eye level.

Here are some icebreakers to show you what we mean by cheeky humor:

Do I have to impress you with a funny pick-up line or can we skip that part?”  

Somewhat more neutral, if you don’t want to risk offending her:

”The best memories are always made between two people. What kind of memories do you want to create through this app?”  

Try to be creative and avoid crude approaches.

“Hey, what’s up?” or “Hey baby, want to fuck tonight?” will never lead to success, even if you’re using an app that facilitates one-night stands.

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2.The Secret to the Best ONS of Your Life

Be relaxed and easygoing!

Whether you discovered the woman of your dreams with the help of a sex app or met her at a bar, the basic rule is always the same:

Think of your quest for a one-night stand as a game and always try to improve.

Women love to be conquered, and men get excited by the chase. Finding someone for a ONS is a game – and games should be fun. Try to constantly improve your strategy, see what works and what doesn’t, and optimize your approach.

The best part…

With every additional woman you message or meet, you become more confident and self-assured. This automatically increases your success rate.

You’ll only get the best one-night stand of your life if you stay relaxed and don’t exert unnecessary pressure.

The great thing about a one-night stand is that you don’t know your partner in advance. There are no preconceived notions, you don’t have to prove yourself, and you probably won’t see each other again.

Lisa: “One-night stands have a very special appeal. The allure of the unknown makes a one-night stand what it is. You never know how the evening will end. You never know if the sex will be good or mediocre. But that’s the beauty of a ONS. You never know what to expect. I’m currently single and enjoy trying new things sexually.”

One Night Stand

3.Be Her Mr. Grey: What You Can Learn from 50 Shades of Grey

What is it about Mr. Grey in 50 Shades of Grey that makes women so crazy about him?

 Several of his characteristics can be highlighted here.

a) Self-confidence

Self-confidence is sexy. Mr. Grey radiates it like no other and always makes it unmistakably clear that he’ll get what he wants.

Christian Grey also never has a problem saying exactly what he wants. In bed, he openly describes what turns him on and gives clear instructions. Confidence, authenticity and honesty frequently earn him really hot free sex.

He’s in control, so the woman can really let go and feel like she’s in good hands with him.

What does that mean for you?

Take the lead and don’t wait for the woman you’re interested in to ask for a date, kiss you or seduce you first. You have to set the tone for a one-night stand to happen.

Also, don’t ask too many questions along the lines of “Would you like to meet sometime?” If Christian Grey were looking for a partner for a one-night stand, he’d phrase it as a statement instead.


“I’m almost always at my favorite café on Sunday mornings. I thought it would be nice if you joined me next time.”

Ronja: “I find men attractive who know what they want and also stand by what they say. I like it when a man takes the lead and has a clear plan. If I can trust him, I’m happy to let go of my inhibitions.”

b) Full attention

For Christian Grey, his lover Anastasia is the pinnacle of perfection. Without a doubt, she knows that he only wants her.

For a woman, full and unrestricted attention is very flattering. Make her realize that you want her.


You shouldn’t come across as pushy or needy.

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4.How to Deal with the Oversupply of ONS Partners in UK Sex Apps

Fitting with the above-mentioned point about paying a woman full attention, you shouldn’t have too many irons in the fire.

If you want to enjoy your one-night stands, you should put some thought into choosing your partners.

What are one-night stands really about?

Hot sex! The goal is not to have meaningless sex but to have good sex.

So focus on a few select women and give them your full attention. As you’ve already learned, this is the key to success.

It’s safe to assume you won’t want to have a one-night stand with every single woman you message.

This means it’s actually advisable to message several women in the sex apps at once because each woman will have her own pace.

While you might meet one of them for a sex date, the other one will take a while to warm up to you in the chat.

Pro tip:

Instead of messaging women indiscriminately, focus on 3-4 women you find attractive in the sex app. You’ll increase your chances of a one-night stand but still be able keep track of who told you what.

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5.Too Shy? How to Still Land a One-Night Stand in the UK

You’ll want to be able to remember a good one-night stand!


"A little alcohol can definitely help to overcome some of your inhibitions", says Linda from Glasgow

If you’re on the shy side and don’t really know how to take the first step to make sure your date actually turns into a one-night stand, alcohol can help.

If you want to get a woman in the mood, here’s a little insider tip:

Pour your date a glass or two of red wine. Studies have shown that red wine increases lust in women and makes them more open to sexual activity.

Red wine increases the body temperature between the legs and helps increase the sex hormone testosterone.

But careful...

Don’t overdo it! You shouldn’t be slurring your words or stumbling when you walk.

So enjoy alcohol in moderation. Besides, you should never try to get a woman drunk. The sex should be fun for both of you and remain unforgettable.

6.Fear of Rejection? Here’s How to Handle It

A “no” isn’t the end of the world!

Be aware that not every woman will reciprocate your attempts at flirting even with the best tips, the most successful apps or an Adonis body. Rejection is just part of life!

Good sex dating apps offer so many options to arrange a one-night stand that a few rejections or cancellations aren’t a big deal.

On the contrary:

Refusals and bad dates are part of it. The important thing is that you learn from every chat and every encounter. 

Use every rejection as a chance to optimize. See bad dates and conversations as the perfect opportunity to learn from your mistakes and do better with the next woman.

And let’s be honest...

Where’s the thrill if you always follow the same pattern to get a woman into bed? If it remains uncertain for a bit longer whether it will come to a one-night stand or not, the sex will be even more fun in the end and you’ll enjoy a sense of accomplishment!

The best apps for One-Night Stands in the UK


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