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More Dates on Tinder? Everything You Need to Know About Tinder in the United Kingdom


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Tinder. Almost everyone’s used it at least once to find a hookup nearby.

But what if, no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get a date?

If that sounds like you, keep reading! 

This complete Tinder guide will teach you exactly how Tinder works. I’ll take you through what you really need to do in order to find success on Tinder in the United Kingdom. Whether you’re a guy or girl, this guide will help you to land that date. 

If you're looking for Tinder alternatives, check out this list here.


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1.Tinder Explained in Plain English

Tinder is a location-based social search app. It’s used as a dating site, and it allows users to like (swipe right) or dislike (swipe left) other users. If both parties like each other, they “match”, and will be connected to chat within the app.

It's the perfect platform for single people who want to meet a potential partner, or for those who just want to have a good time and possibly… sex. Tinder is primarily used by the younger generation (18 – 40 year olds), but that doesn't mean that you can't find over 40s on the app too. 

After its launch Tinder exploded on the web and took the world by storm! It was seeded at numerous college campuses and expanded from there. Tinder became the first new online dating service to be in the top five utilized services on the web in about 10 years.

A promising start.

But what are the advantages and disadvantages of using Tinder?

Here is the truth…

The advantages: 

  • You can find a date quickly. 
  • You are likely to find dates your age. 
  • Registration is quick and easy. 

The disadvantages: 

  • You’re going to have a lot of "competition"!
  • Security and privacy concerns. 
  • It's hard to maintain a Tinder relationship. 

Alright, so that sounds interesting. However, it still doesn’t fix your problem of actually getting a real date. Be patient, you’ll find the answer later in this article.

As promised, this is an easy step-by-step guide to using Tinder successfully in United Kingdom. Before explaining this bulletproof method, you definitely need to fully understand how Tinder works. Knowledge is power, as you know, and with this guide that’s exactly what you’ll get. No gimmicks, no payment or email address form to fill in – this is all free.

So, let’s go into the details in the next section.

Is Tinder the best dating app for you? These are the Tinder alternatives in United Kingdom


A site for like-minded users with similar preferences to meet for short-term fun.

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eHarmony was the first serious online matchmaking company with a laser-sharp focus on creating happy heterosexual marriages.

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EliteSingles belongs to the leading dating portals for educated and wealthy singles with high standards. The personality test helps thereby to find the right EliteSingles member for you.

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2.People pay for Tinder: A way to get more matches?

Tinder offers a freemium version to its users. It gives you all the "tools" you need but with limited usage. You get a finite number of right swipes in a 12-hour period. This blocks free users from unlimited swipes, which has been met with controversy. 

To be clear: you have 2 paid options on Tinder

Tinder Plus 

A few years ago, Tinder announced its paid service: Tinder Plus. This feature allows unlimited matches. The price of a Tinder Plus subscription is £19.99 monthly for users over 28, while the same service for 28s and under is £9.99 per month. The prices may vary from country to country.

Tinder Gold 

Tinder’s second premium option is called Tinder Gold, and it allows the user to see those who have already liked them before swiping. Tinder Gold costs around £29.99 per month, with a price break if you commit to 6 or 12 months at a time. You’ll pay around £12 per month for 6 months, or £10 per month for a year’s subscription.

It all depends on what you want to get out of this app. The freemium version is pretty damn good, but the limited likes are kind of killing the game. 

Are you looking to get a date on Tinder ASAP? Maybe you even want to go on a few dates within a short period of time? This might make the difference in terms of whether or not you need a premium subscription. So let’s check it out:

2.1 Is A Premium Subscription Really Needed? 

The best part of using the premium version is that you can really maximize your chances of success. 

If you use Tinder Gold you can see who has swiped right on you since you last opened the app, in the “Likes You” grid view. From there, you can auto-match, dismiss, or click on a photo to see the rest of their profile.

With Tinder Gold, you’ll also see who has already swiped right on your profile when browsing through the general pool of matches. Just look for profiles with the yellow heart icon:

In addition, you’ll receive anywhere from 4 to 10 Tinder Picks every day, which you can check out by tapping the gold diamond icon at the top of the screen.

Your top picks will change every day – so make sure to swipe right when you first see them!

Similar to the “Likes You” feed, you’ll see your daily Top Picks arranged in a handy grid view, with even handier labels so you can see their major selling points in an instant.

Now here's the truth.

If you are using Tinder just to have fun and possibly get a date, then the free version is perfect for you. But if you really want to step up your game and increase your chances, then the premium version is definitely the right choice. With all those unlimited likes you'll be able to get a date a lot sooner than you think. Dating on Tinder is a numbers game. 

That’s not all that matters!

Something you should definitely be aware of is how to deal with spam profiles on Tinder.

You’re looking for a quick date, right? You’re more or less desperate. That makes you an easy target for scammers. You get a “direct-in-bed” message from someone who looks like a model, and that’s your first red flag. 

You’re probably familiar with these kinds of messages. But, forget what you think you know, and read more about our findings on Tinder scams, in particular.


3.Is Tinder a Scam? How to date safely on Tinder

Of course, the app itself is not a scam. We know that the app works, but that doesn't mean that you can't find people on there who want to scam you. Since online dating is so popular in United Kingdom, online dating platforms are a perfect tool for scammers. And with Tinder being the king of dating apps, scams are common.

So how can you actually avoid scams on Tinder?

One of the common scam practices is the Tinder account verification scam. This involves a match asking whether you have verified your profile on the app. The match, (who is actually a bot) asks you to verify your account through a link that they provide. 

However, the link takes you to a third-party website. The site requires you to fill in personal information such as your full name, your email address and more identifying data.

So, make sure you don’t click on any suspicious links that will send you to third-party websites.

That’s not all….

Many scams are run by real people using fake profiles. Also known as “catfishing”, these scammers use a fake persona and make you believe that they are interested in you.

These scammers are much more difficult to identify. You don’t have the tell-tale signs of bots, and they are often willing to play the long game. By playing to your emotions, master scammers are able to make thousands of dollars.

So what can you really do?

Try not to "fall into temptation" and don't give your credit card details to any strangers you meet online. Even though a lot of people are really persistent in this kind of scam, you'll be better off if you just unmatch and continue swiping. 

These are the Tinder scams you need to watch out for while enjoying the app.. Thankfully, however, scams are still a small part of online dating as a whole.

The best way to stay safe on Tinder, is to never send personal photos to people you've just met. The "hot blonde" that you matched with may not be a hot blonde at all. Just some bald old dude waiting to get something personal from you. You don't want to be blackmailed, so don’t give anyone dirt on you! 

Again, if you just want to read the practical tips for direct usage and learn how to get a date quickly on Tinder, you can scroll down. But the more you know about Tinder, the better!

Is Tinder the best dating app for you? These are the Tinder alternatives in United Kingdom


A site for like-minded users with similar preferences to meet for short-term fun.

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4.Is the Usage of Tinder in United Kingdom a Good Idea? (Tinder Experiences)

"For people who want to whine and moan about how online dating isn't working, go back in time to 1975. Ask somebody, 'What does it feel like to not have any realistic possibility of meeting somebody that you could potentially go on a date with?" - Eli Finkel - Psychologist 

At least now you have a fighting chance. 

Psychologist Eli Finkel says the only real advantage to online dating is that it introduces you to tons of potential dates. That's why Finkel thinks apps like Tinder are the best option for single people today, whether you're looking for casual sex or a serious relationship. 

Tinder can't guarantee that they're going to help you find your soulmate or even give you a single date. You simply swipe until you find someone compatible and then meet over a pint of beer or a cup of coffee. 

Spontaneity is actually Tinder's greatest asset. Singles typically don't approach dating, casual sex or a serious relationship with anything predetermined in mind. Most of them want to have fun, meet interesting people, feel sexual attraction and, at some point, settle into a serious relationship. All of that begins with a quick and dirty assessment of rapport and chemistry that occurs when people first meet face to face.

5.Who is Really Using Tinder?

Let's take a closer look at who is really using Tinder.

In one study by Sumter, Vandenbosch, and Ligtenberg responses were collected from 266 current or former Tinder users between the ages of 18 and 30. The participants indicated how often they used the app, whether they had succeeded in meeting a Tinder match offline, and how many Tinder one-night stands they’d had.   

Respondents were also asked to reveal to what extent they agreed or disagreed with a series of statements about why they used Tinder, such as, "to contact a romantic partner," "to find someone to have sex with," and "to feel better about myself."

The findings suggest that young adults use Tinder for various reasons, the main ones being:

  • Love and casual sex
  • Validation and self-worth
  • Excitement
  • Ease of communication

5.1 Love and Casual Sex

Here is the truth. 

Men and women interpret situations rather differently when it comes to casual sex The results of this study showed that male Tinder users used the app more for casual sex than female users.

However, the researchers discovered that using Tinder to find love outweighed the motivation to use it for casual sex. But don't feel discouraged if you are not interested in love, since one in five dates on Tinder lead to casual sex. 

Finally, the respondents reported that they used Tinder for love and sex more as their age increased. The researchers believe this can be explained by changes in what people want from their relationships as they get older. For example, older adults might start to look for physical gratification in addition to relationship commitment.

5.2 Validation and Self-Worth

It’s likely that receiving the notification of a match on Tinder, which indicates that someone "likes" you, might enhance your feelings of validation or self-worth. Indeed, participants in this study indicated that they used Tinder to receive positive feedback on their appearance and improve their self-esteem.

In society, the need for validation of one’s physical appearance by others has been found to be more important for women than men. This is explained by differences in the relative importance of what each gender seeks in a partner. 

However, despite the fact that Tinder operates mostly on looks, in this study no differences were found between men and women in the use of Tinder to receive validation from others. 


5.3 Excitement

Sumter suggested that respondents who indicated “excitement” as their reason for using Tinder, may also engage in risky offline behaviors, such as one-night stands. In this study, noted gender differences emerged: males were more likely than females to report that they used Tinder for excitement. 

5.4 Ease of Communication

Finally, the study found that ease of communication was not a particularly important reason for respondents use of Tinder, although males cited this as a reason slightly more than females.

Tinder users who found it easier to communicate online compared to offline were actually less likely to connect with their Tinder matches on a face-to-face date.

The study noted that 23 percent of respondents used Tinder daily. 20 percent of participants said that they used the app less than once a month or that they had only used it once or twice overall.   

In terms of dates resulting from Tinder matches, 45.5 percent of respondents had gone on a face-to-face date following a match on Tinder, with 18 percent reporting a one-night stand following a Tinder match.

Although the offline dating experiences on Tinder were generally similar for males and females, males reported more than four times the frequency of one-night stands compared to females. Whether this reflects just a difference in reporting or an actual difference remains a matter of speculation.

If you are looking for a date because you desire a relationship, may Tinder even be the right platform for you? What if you are looking for casual sex? Does it serve both?

6.Is Tinder Really a Hookup App?

In popular media United Kingdom, Tinder (also called Dirty Tinder) has the reputation of being a hookup app, designed for one-night sexual encounters. Even though popular culture claims that many use the app in search of love, Dirty Tinder’s reputation persists.

So, why do people use Tinder?

A recently published study by Leah LeFebvre surveyed 395 young adults, from 18 to 34, who use Tinder. The study mostly involved open-ended questions regarding users’ motivations and experiences in using the app. The researchers then coded participants' responses into categories.

So, what was the most commonly cited reason for using Tinder? It turns out, simply the fact that it’s popular: 48.3 percent of the respondents indicated that the main reason they used Tinder revolved around its popularity—the media hype or the fact that many of their peers were using it. Only about 5 percent of those surveyed indicated that hooking up was their main motivation.

Here’s a summary of participant motives for joining Tinder:

  • Popularity with peers and media: 48.3%
  • The design of the app (visual appeal, ease of use): 14.7%
  • Desire for relationships: 8.9%
  • Simple curiosity or interest: 7.9%
  • Hooking up: 5.1%
  • Convenience: 4.1%
  • Entertainment (as a social activity, or a game): 3%

While this open-ended data is valuable, it doesn’t clarify the main reason why people use Tinder! Participants in LeFebvre's study were asked what their primary reason was for using the app, that’s true, but respondents often have multiple motivations for their behaviors.

Someone might have joined Tinder because it seemed like the cool thing to do, but they might also have a desire to meet a potential romantic partner or, alternately, a hookup. 

Sindy Sumter and colleagues carried out another Tinder study, on a sample of 163 Dutch Tinder users. These participants rated the extent to which certain phrases matched their reasons for using Tinder. The researchers then statistically grouped those ratings into general categories.

Rating of motives for using Tinder (maximum score =5)

  • Thrill of excitement 2.97
  • Trendiness (Popularity of the app) 2.71
  • Love (Desire for relationships) 2.24
  • Validation of self-worth 2.22
  • Casual sex (Hooking up) 1.88
  • Ease of communication (Convenience) 1.61 

Returning to the question that began this section, is Tinder really a hookup app? 

Well… yes and no. 

Tinder hookups are quite common, but the notion that Tinder is primarily about hookups is overstated. Tinder users are more likely to be seeking relationships than casual sex. Moreover, dating and sex are not the main reasons that many people use Tinder. 

Ultimately, it's hard to generalize findings, despite the clarification that these two studies give us. As previously mentioned, the actual dating and hookup experiences of the two samples of participants differed considerably. 

So which experience is closer to that of the typical "Dirty Tinder" user? 

It’s hard to definitively say without surveys that seek out a representative sample of Tinder users. Both studies suggest that much of Tinder's popularity is, ironically, due to its popularity. This may not be the best news for those who really do use Tinder to look for love or sex, as they may find that their matches don't take the app very seriously and aren't as interested in following through.

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7.Tinder vs Bumble? Which App works better in United Kingdom

If you’re not sure which app to choose and which one might work better for you, you’ll love this chapter.

Before we start to compare both apps, here’s some background information.

Tinder was founded by Sean Rad, Jonathan Badeen, Justin Mateen, Joe Munoz, Dinesh Moorjani, and Whitney Wolfe, who later left Tinder to start Bumble.

While Tinder has popularized the swipe-based dating app format and has become pretty much a household name over the years, it’s far from the only option for swipe-happy singles out there. Bumble entered the market at the end of 2014, at the height of Tinder’s popularity.

An easier method to compare these apps’ popularity is to simply consult Google Trends. This way you can check out the search volume for each app - where there is interest, there are bound to be users. 


Both Tinder and Bumble are built on the premise that liking somebody’s looks is the first step towards dating. According to these apps, everything else can take a back seat until you’re actually talking. This premise makes sense, if only for the sake of efficiency. As such, both services offer ample space for pictures, and Tinder even lets you post short video clips. 

Swipe/Match UI

Both Tinder and Bumble feature an inviting and easy to use interface. Basically, you swipe right on people’s pictures if you like them and left if you don’t. If you’ve gotten used to tapping to open a profile on Tinder, it may take a while to get used to swiping up for the same action in Bumble, but all in all they look fairly similar.


On Bumble, only women are able to send a first message. So when there’s a match, the guy has to wait up to 24 hours to be messaged by the girl he matched with. If she decides not to write, the match will disappear again.

This mechanism has been proven to be more efficient for many users compared to Tinder, where both parties in a match are allowed to send messages. Often, this results in radio silence… both parties, just waiting for the other to message.


Not to be confused with Bumble’s “Boost” premium subscription, Tinder’s boosts push your profile to the front of your target demographic’s decks. 

This does not help you get more matches than usual, but is great for that extra visibility. However, one could also argue that it wouldn’t be a necessary feature, if Tinder hadn’t so severely stunted our normal match rates (suspiciously close to the introduction of boosts!) 

Tinder Plus users get one free Boost per month, and more can be purchased as consumables. Bumble has no such option.

Premium Feature Champion: Tinder

In terms of raw feature bulk, Tinder has Bumble beat hands down. While not all premium features may be useful to all subscribers, there’s bound to be something in there for everyone. For me personally, Rewind and Passport are reason enough to pay for Tinder Plus, while I would never recommend getting Tinder Gold.

I hope you found this review helpful. Thoughts? Criticism? Praise? Something to add? Please write us and let us know.

Here we are!

If you’ve always felt like you’re doing something wrong on Tinder because you can’t get a date READ THE FOLLOWING TINDER TIPS.

It’s not magic, it’s just about how to push the right buttons at the right moment. 

It’s a step-by-step guide and it’s so easy a chimp could get a dozen of dates! So, it’s monkey-proof.

8.How Can You Get the Most Out of Tinder? A Step-By-Step Guide to Maximize Your Chances.

Are you ready? Because you are about to find out why you're failing in the dating world. 

You need to have a certain "swag", something that makes you different from everyone else on Tinder. People are bored with seeing the same basic pictures and hearing the same lackluster conversation over and over again. 

Here are 6 things that will make a ton of difference in your dating life. 

  • Making a Killer Tinder Profile
  • Swiping Strategies / How to Get More Matches
  • How to Open - The First Message 
  • How to Keep the Conversation Going
  • How to Score a First Date
  • What to do on a First Date

Let’s get right into it. 

8.1 Making a Killer Tinder Profile 

Your Tinder Bio

The first thing you need to do is change your bio. Your bio should be unique and fun. It must stand out from all the other profiles. You need to be creative and put your character into words. Here is an example:

1) “My mom made me this Tinder profile so " I can find the woman of my dreams" - her words exactly! After the first message be prepared because you'll go on a series of interviews with her. Just don't mention dogs. Because our dog died recently.”

2) “I’ve been running from responsibility since I graduated from uni, but if you think you can keep up, this gal needs a running partner! If you love city breaks, sloths or rock climbing, you already have my interest…”

3) “I’m a graphic designer with a dog, and I long ago accepted that he is far cuter than I am. Whether you’re a soul mate or a quick date, I’m always down for some laughs and good times. Let’s have a chat and see if we vibe! “

4) “Dad jokes, gin and a love of sci fi movies all come as part of this package deal. I’m a huge fan of checking out (this city’s) newest bars and restaurants that pop up, so I always have a date venue in mind!”  

Change Your Photos

Make sure your photos are clear and without noise. Shoot with a good quality camera because yes, it does make a difference!

The second thing is: learn how to pose. You don't need to be a model, but you also don’t want to look like a shy toddler in kindergarten. Use a new angle, or try not looking into the camera. Do something interesting that you've never done before. 

The third thing is: have pictures that represent your interests and hobbies. Women, in particular, want to know what kind of man you are before you introduce yourself. Show them something interesting about your life. 

1) For example, a picture of you hanging out with your friends is a great option to slip in amongst the solo pictures of yourself. It shows what your social circle is like, and what you all like to do together.

2) Another great possibility is a side view of you, in focus, looking away from the camera. Get a nice background set up, and this is a very easy picture to take!

8.2 Swiping Strategies & How to Get More Matches

It’s no secret that Tinder uses an algorithm to decide who will see your profile, and whose profile is shown to you. 

Tinder has created a set of rules by which your attractiveness is rated. These not only refer to your looks, but your behavior too. If you don’t follow these rules, you risk lowering your score and thereby your visibility which means you’ll get less matches than you actually could. 

Unfortunately, Tinder decided not to tell anyone the rules to their game, leaving us players blindly stumbling around, sometimes getting punished, sometimes rewarded for our actions. Fortunately, through years of educated guesses, tests, trial and error, as well as a bit of logic, we know these rules with 99.9% certainty. 

Stay active 

The longer you have been inactive, the deeper you sink in people’s stack of profiles to swipe on.

If you can, try to space out your swiping over the day, as opposed to one big session in the evening. That way, your card will always float as high up in the stack as it can go. 

Don’t spam-swipe right

This is a major one. It will get you shadow-banned if you over do it. The funny thing is you might come across a lot of comments and sites advising you to employ this strategy, and you might even have thought of it yourself. Of course, it’s more efficient to just swipe right on everybody and sort through any matches later, but this behavior is highly destructive to the Tinder ecosystem, and so it is harshly punished.

What can you do instead? 

It’s best to use Tinder as intended. That means actually looking at the pictures and swiping right on the people you find attractive. Maybe even open the odd profile to see if they deserve a super like. Try not to be too picky but maintain some standards. The algorithm will thank you for it with a healthy score.

8.3 How to Open: The First Message

To make that all-important great first impression, you really need to be unique. You need to show your character and be interesting right from the beginning. Say something about their photo or their bio. Just don't be mediocre or boring.

Here are a few examples of really good openers:

  • If we went on a date, where would we go? What’s your idea of a memorable date?
  • Oh damn, looks like I matched with the cutest girl on Tinder. And your bio mentions that you’re into (xyz), too! Very cool, how did that hobby start?
  • We all get dropped so many cheesy lines on Tinder, don’t we! But I mean, just checking… what would be the perfect one for you? 

8.4 How to Keep the Conversation Going 

You often find yourself lost in the conversation, right? 

You can't continue the conversation, so you talk about the weather. From that point on you know everything is going downhill.

Here's how to change a boring conversation into an interesting one

Start asking more interesting questions. Get out of your comfort zone. Ask something unique about their life. Talk more about what makes them happy. 

Here's the secret. 

Just get out of your comfort zone and say the first thing that comes to your mind. Try to be carefree, and you'll see instant results.

So, what are you up to today? Actually, what would you be up to if today was your perfect day? Totally not collecting date ideas or anything ;)

Your work sounds super interesting, what’s your favourite thing about it? What keeps you coming back?

Your profile pic from (x country/ holiday) is iconic, what was the best thing that happened that trip?  

8.5 How to Score a First Date 

Now, here's a tricky one. 

You finally get the conversation going smoothly, you can clearly see the chemistry… and you don't know how to close. I know, I've been there, trust me! But what I learned was this: if you care too much, you’re going to lose them! 

Stop worrying about it. Loosen up! If you make a big deal out of it they will sense the stress.

Tell them when you're free and mention you want to grab a drink with them. Or, if you’re brave enough, you can say something funny like:

“Are you around on Friday? I’m down to stage a rom-com worthy first meet up, and pretend this wasn’t all through Tinder, if you are ;)”

“The pasta dishes at (restaurant) are insane, want to go overload on carbs together? We can even go for a romantic walk after to burn it all off”

“Let’s make a deal, if we go on a date, I’ll pretend not to be flustered by the cutest guy/girl in the bar, but if you do notice I’m nervous, that round is on me”

8.6 What to Do on a First Date? 

Now here's the final question, ant the most difficult! 

All you need to do is to be yourself! You don't want to fake something that you're not. Loosen up! You have everything under control.

Try and talk more about your feelings. What makes you happy and what makes you weird. Be honest, because if you're not, your dating partner can sense that. 

Remember, your flirting partner is already out with you. It's just your job not to screw it up. What are the best alternatives to Tinder in United Kingdom


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