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Incredibly Popular UK Dating Apps To Arrange Casual Hookups Online

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Meeting an attractive woman and having sex right away is a dream for many men.

The truth is…

Only very few men manage the feat of meeting a woman on the street or at a club and landing in bed with her the same evening.

However, experience shows that sex dating apps work especially well for both UK women and men and that they are increasingly replacing conventional ways of meeting.

If you rely on the right sex apps, you can arrange your first casual hookup within 2-3 days.

On this site, we’ll show you which hookup apps really work and how to use them successfully to arrange one sex date after another from the comfort of your own home. We make sure that no question on the topic remains unanswered.

You’ll love these apps if you want to have a casual hookup before the end of the week


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1.Casual Hookup Apps: Why UK Women Look for Sex Here

If anything has changed in recent years, then it’s the fact that more and more women and men are using apps to find a partner for a committed relationship or casual hookup online.

On this site, we give you exclusive tips and insights on how you can easily have a one-night stand or an affair. 

Women who are only looking for sex prefer to use so-called casual dating apps because they allow them to find sex partners for free and, most importantly, anonymously.

You can also register for free on all the casual dating apps mentioned here. There are no hidden costs. We tested them ourselves.

But why do women in the UK look for sex online?

Women who register for these sex dating apps have a variety of motives:

One may have just gotten out of a long relationship and want to have fun with no strings attached, the other may be in her wild phase and want to experiment sexually.

All casual dating app users have one thing in common: They want to meet a man and have casual sex with him without a financial exchange.

Having a one-night stand, affair, fling or friends with benefits arrangement are all different motives and forms of casual sex.

Julia: “I recently got out of a relationship that lasted for several years. I’m not ready for a new relationship, but I still want to have fun. I want to meet someone online who makes me feel special. But since I don’t feel like spending all my nights in bars and clubs, I use sex dating apps to meet the right men for a one-night stand or possibly an affair.”  

So where’s the catch? 

As nice and as simple as that sounds, you should know that women generally want to be courted. In order to score a casual hookup, you’ll have to put in a little effort.

But don’t worry: We’re here to help!

Of course, private women don’t want money for sex. But they do like when you hold the door open for them on your date, help them out of their coat and pay for your dinner together.

Show her that you value and appreciate her, and things are certain to lead to sex.

Test winner in this category: Only Flirts UK

A site for like-minded users with similar preferences to meet for short-term fun.

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2.From Registration to a Casual Hookup in Just a Few Hours?

Of course, you still have some work to do before landing your first real sex date. The first step is completing your profile. But if you put in a little effort, you can end up in bed with a woman within the first 3 days.

Your dating profile is your business card.

Many women in the United Kingdom who use sex apps want to be entertained first – the sex comes second. They enjoy browsing through the different profiles, just as if they were looking for a pair of shoes on a shopping trip in the city. 

What exactly does that mean for you?

It means that your profile should be meaningful and complete. No woman is going to respond to a message from a picture- and content-less user if she has three more substantial flirty messages in her inbox. And believe us: She does!

Your profile should contain at least one picture and the personal fields as well as information about your sexual preferences should be filled out.

When filling out the information about your personality (About Me), it’s recommended to be either humorous or to evoke the reader’s emotions.

Facts tend to be boring. Try something different to stand out from all the other sex app users.

A good example:

“I’m here to make new friends, just like I watch YouPorn to learn how plumbers repair a drain.”  

And this is what a fact-oriented introduction used by virtually everyone else looks like:

“I like to travel, work out and love good food.”  

BORING, right? 

Here’s another creative example to get your juices flowing:

Instead of writing boring clichés and facts in your “About Me” section, you could also come up with something fictional.

“A great guy.”
- The New York Times

“My hero.”
- Superman

“I’m still thinking about the last orgasm I had with him.”
- Scarlett Johansson  

Sex dating apps are all about fun. Always keep that in mind. Both women and men are solely here to have a good time.

Casual Hookups

3.Messaging Women: How to Guarantee They’ll Hook Up With You

What applies to filling out your profile also applies in part to the first message you send. In principle, everything is allowed – except being boring.

But one step at a time: What do women really want?

Women who use sex apps in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland are interested in making a casual hookup a reality as soon as possible.


  • They don’t want to be perceived as a slut or a cheap date.
  • They want to meet a man who they can trust.
  • They want to be entertained and feel like the hookup is spontaneous.

How can you use this knowledge to your advantage?

It’s easy!

With an appealing profile, you’ve already laid the foundation. Now you just have to be convincing in the chat. You can gain your flirt’s trust by not immediately mentioning the possibility of a hookup but by introducing yourself and initiating a playful conversation.


Women are much more emotional than men and want to get a better sense of the people they flirt with. Especially when it comes to sex dates. 

So give her exactly what she wants: to meet a gentleman who seduces her and just happens to (spontaneously) land in bed with her.

Trust us:

Women who use sex apps are in the mood for great sex. Many women get even more turned on than men when they find a man they can trust.

Maria: “At first, it wasn’t easy to keep track. You get a lot of messages as a woman. I was flattered, of course, but you realize pretty soon that some guys just indiscriminately write to all women with the same message. That’s why I only answer if I have the feeling that the guy is serious about me – something I’ve become quite good at inferring from the message.”

So how should you proceed exactly?

First, we’ll show you how not to act, which is the approach the majority of men take.

“Hey beautiful, are we going to meet and have fun tonight?”  

This will never lead to a hookup. If anyone is going to respond to a message like that, it will be a professional woman at best.

But that certainly wouldn’t fall into the category of a casual encounter without a financial exchange, which should be your actual goal and is illuminated in this article.

Here’s what a better message looks like:

“Hi, my name is Robert,

I just took a closer look at your profile and immediately felt a connection. I couldn’t help but message you.

I see you’re also looking for something new in your life. Let’s find out if we both have the same thing in mind.

In the everyday life I’m trying to escape, I’m a mechanic. I also like to go hiking in the mountains on the weekends and play guitar from time to time. Best regards, Robert”  

This message is friendly, not pushy, but still gives a hint of what you’re actually looking for, namely free casual sex.

The way it’s worded in the message is playful, not clumsy, and requires her to read between the lines a bit.

Why does this work better?

You introduce yourself and give some insight into who you are and what you do in your free time. At the same time, you show that you paid attention to her profile and open the door to an initial conversation. If she responds, you can continue playing the charming seducer.

Our recommendation:
Only Flirts UK

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4.Casual Encounters Online in the UK: How to Close the Deal

So now you know how to create a profile that makes a positive impression on the girls in a sex dating app. You also know how to start messaging them in the chat:

The only question that remains is how you’ll score a casual hookup. After all, that’s why you’re here!

Nothing could be easier...

When you’re chatting with your potential sex partner, you’ll quickly notice if you two have chemistry or not.

If you’re a reasonably good match, you won’t immediately run out of things to chat about. If the conversation falters, you can try to keep things going, but the signs aren’t very good. 

Laura: “I took my time before arranging my first casual hookup. It’s important to me to learn a little more about the men who write to me beforehand. This is my way of breaching the subject of sex slowly. Once we agree to meet, much is already clear. I always meet at a bar first. Sometimes, we end up booking a room in the hotel next door. Other times, I just go with the flow and see in which bed the evening ends.”  

Rule of thumb: Don’t waste too much time on conversations that are sluggish.

Instead, focus on the 2-3 women who are clearly good fit. Always maintain several conversations at once because this will help you reach your end goal – a hot casual hookup – much faster.

While you’re still in the initial phase with one of the women, you’ll manage to meet one of the others for sex. 

If you think you’re a good match with someone, don’t wait too long to ask for a real meeting. Simply offer two suggestions when you could meet.

Don’t make the mistake of suggesting your apartment as your meeting place. This doesn’t work in the beginning. Meet somewhere in the city for a drink or dinner.

Now you face two challenges...

On the one hand, you want to find out how well you fit together and how much you like each other, and on the other hand, you want to get closer to her so you can land in bed with her later.

How you do that? It’s easy!

You can’t do much to influence the likability factor. But that’s why you took the time to chat beforehand and find something in common. We can assume you have chemistry – after all, you’re both motivated to have sex with each other. Plus, it’s not like you have to get married...

So how do you get closer to her?

You have to slowly build up to that point.

At first, it can be an accidental touch on the arm, then on the hand. You’ll quickly see how she reacts. If she withdraws her hand, she’s not ready yet. But if she leaves her hand where it is, you know that you can keep going.

At this point, you can try risking the first kiss. Once this time comes, a casual hookup is within your grasp.

Will it just be a one-night stand? You have plenty of time to decide that after the sex. If it was good, why not meet for another hookup?

Casual Hookups

5.Are Hookups via App Really Discreet and Anonymous?

Casual dating apps can only be successful if the discretion and anonymity of the users are respected. 

That’s why reputable casual dating services ensure that customer data is well secured and doesn’t leak. Likewise, reputable providers have technical precautions in place that protect the privacy of users as long as they want to remain anonymous.

So how exactly is your identity protected?

With some hookup apps, for example, you can specify exactly who can send you messages. You also aren’t required to upload a profile picture of yourself or can mask it initially.

Once you start to trust the person you’re chatting with, you can usually opt to unlock your profile picture.

In addition, it’s common to always use a pseudonym. You can tell your flirt your real name anytime if you trust them and feel comfortable.

2: BeNaughtyYou'll have fun!
3: IamNaughty.comArrange Sex Dates
4: QuickFlirtCasual encounters
5: AdultFriendFinderNaughty flirts

6.Can I Live Out My Fetish Through Online Sex Dating?


But there’s one thing you should keep in mind...

Depending on which fetish you’re looking for, you should definitely sign up for a sex dating site or sex dating app that has as many active users as possible. Only then can you make sure your fetish will be represented.

On large platforms, you’ll find numerous fetish contacts who want to live out their fetish. From BDSM, golden showers, nylon sex and foot fetishes to older women, MILFs and plus-size women – it’s all there.

In the end, a fetish sex date works just like any other hookup, except that you’ve defined your sexual needs more clearly in advance.

7.Are There Enough DTF Women for All Men in the UK?

Generally speaking, there are probably more men than women who are willing to engage in spontaneous sex.

But the truth is...

On the large and reputable sex sites and sex apps, the premium section has a fairly balanced ratio of men and women looking for casual hookups.

Why is that?

Usually, women and men can register for free on all hookup apps. 

But women get all the premium features for free. This ensures that women stay registered because they enjoy using the app from the very beginning.

And what about the men? 

Men can register for free anytime but initially get limited access. They can’t use the full range of features and may not be able to see all the profile pictures of registered women.

Only when men decide to upgrade their free account to a premium account do they get the same user access as women. 

What does that mean for you exactly?

Since not all UK men who are looking for casual hookups are willing to pay for a premium membership (this usually costs about 1 EUR per day), they’re ruled out as competitors. This more or less creates a balanced relationship between women and men.

And the great thing is...

While you pay a small fee for the app, you can enjoy as much free sex as you like.

Try it out now for free!

Competition in sex dating apps is naturally great. An especially beautiful woman will easily have 10 men after her who would like to meet her.

Always remember: There are women from the second tier... the hidden gems. With these women, the chances are especially good and the sex often even better.

The best hookup apps for casual sex in the United Kingdom


A site for like-minded users with similar preferences to meet for short-term fun.

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This site is all about having fun! The extremely versatile possibilities for making contact and the relentless notification system ensure non-stop entertainment.

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