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It’s Easy to Convince Women to Go on a Sex Date. Here’s How!

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Go on a sex date with a different woman every week?

Many men who successfully use hookup apps achieve this goal week after week.

In this article, we’ll show you which apps and sites are particularly good for arranging sex dates in the UK. In addition, you’ll get tips on how to use these apps properly so you can go on your first sex date as soon as possible.

Here’s Where Women and Men Constantly Arrange Sex Dates in the UK


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1.Why UK Women Love Casual Dating

Anyone who thinks women aren’t up for sex dates has probably never seen a casual dating app or website from the inside.

Women enjoy going on sex dates as long as a few important conditions are met.

So what’s important for women?

The success of some popular casual dating apps is no coincidence. The apps and websites where women in the UK register in droves to find a sexual partner understand what women really want.

Mature communication, discretion and anonymity are the keys to success.

The apps loved by women don’t present themselves as “fuck apps” but as a sophisticated way to have fun and arrange casual meetups.

It’s not all about “fucking” but about exciting dates with an uncertain outcome. 

Gini: “I read about the casual dating trend in an online magazine and how a lot of women who want to experiment sexually get to know men for one-night stands or for affairs this way

Since I don’t want a committed relationship right now, I gave it a try. As a woman, you definitely have to be careful with who you flirt. Some guys are crude and disgusting. But I’ve also met true gentlemen who know how to treat a lady.”  

Users who register for these sites and apps behave in a mature way and are very respectful in their communication. Discretion and anonymity go without saying.

Apps and websites featured on this site are all in the casual dating category. The chances of a sex date are particularly high with these apps because they have the highest number of female users.

Test winner in this category: Only Flirts UK

A site for like-minded users with similar preferences to meet for short-term fun.

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2.Find Sex Dates Online: Here’s How to Get Ahead

Of course, word gets around quickly about which sex apps work and which ones don’t.

So which sex date apps work the best in the UK?

Naturally, those used by the most women. See our list of the best sex dating apps. Since these apps are popular, you’ll have to contend with a significant amount of male competition.

Your goal must be to stand out in some way from the many other users.

But don’t worry!

Standing out isn’t primarily about looks but about how you can present yourself as a man and potential lover.

You have to woo a woman, and that starts with the creation of your profile.

What exactly does that mean?

Just imagine that this isn’t about scoring a sex date but about applying for a job. You wouldn’t write something unimaginative in that case but would put some thought into it.

A good job application contains a meaningful cover letter and other valuable information about you, such as references and certificates.

It’s the same with your profile in a dating app. You should write something about your interests and hobbies, or funny anecdotes that showcase your individuality and what you’re looking for.

By contrast, here’s what you should avoid:

An empty profile is boring and makes you seem like a fake. Why should a woman respond to a message from an empty profile when there are other users with complete profiles?

Anyone who has an empty profile comes off as boring. Women assume that sex with a guy like that would also be boring.

Finally, there’s the profile picture.

Above all, your picture should be taken recently so your sex date knows what to expect. Don’t opt for nudes at this point. Very few women are into dick picks, and if they are, they’d rather see them privately.

Sex dates

3.Message Women and Arrange Sex Dates

While you mainly wrote about yourself in your profile, the focus of a private message should be on your flirting partner.

What made you want to write the message?

Perhaps it was a picture, or maybe an exciting text or mention of sexual preferences. Here you can show that you’re genuinely interested in the person.

Elisa: “I get tons of replies. Most of them are garbage. That’s why I only respond to people who seem likable and respond to my profile.”

Stay true to yourself!

Even if you want to arrange a sex date as soon as possible, you shouldn’t be too opportunistic.

Be honest: You know who or what you want. Don’t undersell yourself. You wrote in your profile what you’re looking for – ultimately, you owe it to yourself to stick to that.

Nancy: “I don’t understand men. If someone writes on his profile that he’s only into blondes, what does he want from a black-haired woman like me? Also, our ages don’t match, and my sexual preferences are completely different.”

You see: Women easily pick up on such things. You don’t want to be thought of as someone who’s so horny you throw all your principles out the window, do you?

Make your profile correspond to that of your potential flirting partner.

Why you should do this?

It’s simple: If you’re on the same wavelength, you already have several talking points to start with.

“Hello, beautiful. Your profile picture blew me away. It’s great that you also love Italian food. To me, there’s nothing better...”

This shows that you took the time to learn about her and are capable of starting a quality conversation.

Also, even if you’re excited by your prospective casual hookup interest: Stay away from too many compliments.

Compliments are flattering.

BUT: The truth is...

Attractive women in particular easily get bored with all the compliments about their pretty eyes, their great aura, etc.

And let’s face it...

How would you react if someone kept telling you that you had great eyes? Sure, it’s nice to hear, but you’d rather be praised for how smart, clever and funny you are.

If it’s too early to make a statement about a woman’s intellect or humor, keep the compliments about her physical appearance to yourself.

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4.How to Protect Yourself from Fakes and Nasty Surprises

Even the best UK sex dating sites and apps aren’t safe from fakes. So brace yourself to inevitably encounter a few fake women.

But this isn’t really a problem.

As a rule, it’s easy to tell if someone is a fake or a real woman looking for sex dates.

The golden rule in sex dating is...

If it sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is!

If you haven’t even finished filling out your profile and are already being messaged by a Miss Universe, you should be skeptical.

When you’re looking for sex dates online, it’s important to follow a few basic rules.

Be careful about revealing your personal information. You shouldn’t share your phone number, Facebook page or email address with your real name in the chat – let alone your home address. You never know what this data might be used for.

Although the app and site operators are constantly busy keeping their platform clean, it’s an uphill battle. That’s why you have to make it clear from the beginning that you’re not a worthwhile victim for these people.

By the way, real women appreciate if you’re more on the skeptical side rather than too gullible. This helps you convey reliability, which has a positive effect on your image.

Sex dates

5.Everything That’s Important on a Real Sex Date in the UK

You’ve already learned the most important principles of sex dating, so it’s safe to assume that you’ll arrange your first sex date with a woman soon.

Now you want to know how to make sure your sex date is a success?

Here are a few tips:

Perfect timing

How long should the date be and how should you plan it?

In general, it’s best if the date doesn’t have a set end time, so a lunch date is only recommended if you don’t have plans for the rest of the day. Otherwise, the evening is ideal. This way, the date can continue into the night if things go well.

The perfect sex date location

For safety reasons alone, your own apartment or that of your flirting partner should be taboo on the first date. But it is advantageous if the meeting point isn’t far away from your place or hers.

Classic choices for a first sex date in the UK are a café, bar or restaurant. Here you can flirt hot and heavy while still enjoying a casual, public atmosphere and feeling safe.

At a bar, you’ll be able to select from a wide variety of delicious drinks – from non-alcoholic to quite strong.

Be sure to think about the following two points.

First, it’s common for the man to pay the bill on the first date in the UK and show he’s not stingy. That doesn’t mean you should let yourself get taken advantage of and pay for one bottle of champagne after the other.

Second, remember that this is a sex date, not a boozefest. When things heat up later, you’ll still want to be able to stand on your own two feet.

The best advice on a sex date:

Take the lead!

AU Women like men who know what they want and show initiative.

Even if you’re a little anxious on your first sex date, you shouldn’t come off as insecure. Your flirting partner is probably just as nervous as you are. So there’s no reason to be jittery.

The truth is…

Even real ladies’ men don’t feel 100 percent confident on his first sex date. They don’t know what’s going to happen. What makes them successful is how they handle the uncertainty.

Consider the moment of uncertainty as an opportunity to rise to the challenge and grow. You can only take charge of the situation if you use the uncertainty in your favor.

A woman wants to feel safe and spend time with a man who can show her he’s confident and that she’s in good hands.

So how can you convey this confidence?

It’s easy! Don’t make any sudden movements. Be calm. When you talk to her, always maintain eye contact and don’t look away. Not looking your date in the eyes is a major sign of insecurity.

And what about appearing strong and taking the lead?

Again, it’s easy!

It starts with you suggesting where you two should sit in a restaurant or at the bar.

If you order a bottle of wine, pour her a glass even if she doesn’t ask for it.

And last but not least, it’s your job to get closer to her physically and to bring up the real reason you two met up: the sex. You should make the transition from the date to having sex as straightforward as possible.

Now do you see why the sex date location should be close to your place or hers?

Again, you have to take the lead and suggest that she comes to your place for a nightcap. If she agrees, it’s obvious that you’ll do more together than just have a drink.

An alternative to your own apartment would of course be a hotel that rents rooms by the hour. These hotels are often better than their reputation gives them credit for and usually very clean. However, this option is reserved for if you’ve already agreed on having sex in the chat or are on your second sex date and it’s clear that you’re hot for each other.

And the most important thing of all about sex dating...


You should go on all sex dates with the motto “Safety first.”

This means you should use a condom every time. Since the man should take the lead, he should be the one to bring condoms on the date.

The Best Apps and Websites to Arrange a Sex Date in the UK


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